Best Spring Jobs

Have a spring fling. The warmer weather is time for career growth and renewal so how about growing your skill set and getting a seasonal job.

Many of us are under the impression that seasonal jobs are part of the Christmas hiring trend – they appear like the tree ornaments and then go away for another year. Well, March is a peak month for part-time job openings and hires so spring forward and start looking. Many opportunities are ideal for students and retirees looking for extra income or to pay off student debt or merely to pad your resume with work experience.


Winter snow and wet days are coming to an end – we hope – and many companies depend on fair weather to come out of hibernation and get business blooming. It makes sense to hone in on this key hiring time, and keep in mind that committing to seasonal work now will boost your chances of working right through the summer, and maybe even year round.


Dust off your interests and ambitions, and refocus on career goals that may be weighed down by an omnipresent weariness. After the long winter, sunny employment days are ahead – so get outside, literally, or just outside of your comfort level.


Recruiting follows a fairly predictable cycle and for the next few months zero in on construction, remodeling and tourism.

Home sweet home: Home improvement is a booming industry and spring is a busy hiring season for the big box stores such as Home Depot. Spring is their version of the holiday shopping season with lots of openings for sales associates, cashiers, customer service reps and even online order taking. Consider stocking shelves or helping to get garden centres up and running at the many home improvement specialty retailers. It’s all about getting dirt under your nails, and even possibly more physically demanding tasks. Put some backbone into your job search now.


Nail it with a renovator: While there’s a spike in hiring at home improvement retailers, that also means a whole lot of renovating going on, even in your own neighbourhood. People are no longer moving; they’re reworking and modernizing what they already own so reach out and touch base with a renovator in your area. Even if you don’t have a trade or elaborate skills, sign on to help out with demolition, cleanup or materials pickup. You could even try going it alone and help home owners with their DIY projects.


Paint the town in a bright hue: Consider launching your own small painting business or join one of the many professional painting companies – that way you’ll avoid some of the tedious and time-consuming tasks like marketing, estimates and tracking down clients. The next few months are a great time to focus on sprucing up interiors and once the warm weather arrives, you can extend your employment by brushing up on exteriors for the rest of the warm season.


Clean up with your own startup: Yards are definitely looking winter weary – from leftover fall leaves to branches and debris, clean up someone else’s act and make money  and great references too. A few satisfied clients will lead to many more through word of mouth. Continue through the warm months by offering summertime yard maintenance, including mowing, trimming and pool work.


While you’re at in, add indoor spring cleaning to your job description. What many of us put off last spring absolutely and desperately needs to be done this spring. Many working professionals are just way too busy to do all their must-dos so do it for them. In addition, it’s a sizzling real estate market in some areas so how about helping home sellers get their property ready to put it on the market.


Make your move now: The moving business is gearing up after some winter down time. House love is in the air and hyped-up home buyers are out in droves looking at houses for sale so that means lots of deals and moving plans. In this hot market, take the heat off stressed-out homeowners by helping to load up their precious possessions and getting them settled at the other end.


The dreaded tax time is upon us: If you’re good with numbers, maybe a business student or business employee looking to moonlight, this could add up to increasing your bank account numbers. Help prepare annual income tax returns for individuals or small businesses – as long as you’re up on what expenses can be deducted and what tax forms must be filed, you’re good to go for the April 30th tax filing deadline.


What’s good tonight? Serving tables is hard work but it’s a great way to make good tips and increase your skill set, like teamwork, honing your memory and acting graceful under pressure, and make valuable contacts too. Food and hospitality jobs open up in spring, and the tourism industry also starts coming to life across the country so do the footwork now and drop off applications across the industries to get in on the peak hiring time. offers terrific job leads and resources to pursuing a hospitality career path.


Move in and cash in: As an extension to the tourism industry picking up, travelers and vacationers need reliable house sitting and dog sitting. Be an entrepreneur and demonstrate creativity and responsibility , you can still do your studies and put in time with adored pets at night and on weekends. Add in the kids and consider becoming a part-time nanny. After school and overnight weekend jobs can grow into well-paid, full-time summer work and you’ll be a godsend to frazzled parents. Having experience with children is an enticing skill to have on your resume, and builds your pool of significant references. Pull together a winning nanny resume with our tips.


Let the sun shine: If you’re handy, check out the alternative energy field. Greener jobs are becoming more common and converting to solar energy is something more and more homeowners think about, especially when the warm sun reappears. Solar companies will definitely get more business over the spring and summer so consider increasing your bank account and skill set by becoming an installer or assistant.


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By Joanne Richard

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