Why use Staffing Agency to Find Qualified Candidates

In this competitive Candidate driven market place businesses find themselves competing for the right candidates and should use any available tool to help with this task. 
It’s a given, with the current technological advances there are a lot of self help recruitment tools that can be utilized, but all of them still require the human input, hence time and resources. Time and resources that can be spent on more important business functions.

A Staffing Agency can be the tool that will do the same and more. Most of the hiring tools out there are great in finding active job seekers, but even than your ad's are competing with other ad's for candidates attention. 


We'll help you  ATTRACT, RECRUIT, HIRE AND RETAIN  FULL TIME STAFF as well as help you utilize TEMPORARY STAFF for your production needs.

Staffing Agency’s trained recruiters not only personally engage active candidates, candidates who reply to the job posts, to pay attention to Agency’s customers job openings, they also engage large network of inactive candidates. Inactive Candidates are those who are not actively looking for work, they are presently working and new job is not on top of their agenda.

Its a well known fact - the faster the open position is filled the sooner it starts producing for the company. Therefore, any investments made during the hiring process to speed up the hiring makes a lot of sense. In addition, in majority of cases, those investments are covered by the profits made by that filled position during the time saved.

When you need to hire qualified candidates, you should partner with a staffing agency. An agency can fulfill your hiring needs in less time, with higher efficiency, and at a lower cost. But more importantly, an agency can find you skilled and qualified candidates for you to choose from, which is critical.


Let’s delve deeper into these benefits that you’ll receive when you partner with a staffing agency.

A Staffing Agency Can Save You Time

Handling the entire hiring process on your own can take weeks. You’ll have to write a job description detailing the skills, experience, and certifications that you need. You’ll have to post job advertisements and then wait at least a week for candidates to apply. Then, you’ll have to spend more time looking over all of the resumes you’ve received, make calls to the ones you want to interview, and then spend several days interviewing the applicants before making your final decision. This is all time that could be spent on more important responsibilities, and in the meantime, your open positions will remain vacant. And if you don’t find anyone qualified during your first round of hiring, you’ll have to do it all over again, wasting even more time and money.
A staffing agency, on the other hand, can speed up the process considerably. The key is to work with the right agency—one that specializes in filling the type of skill you are looking for. When you engage such a niche agency, you won’t have to post ads, look at resumes, or interview anyone, because the agency will have a list of qualified candidates for you to choose from usually in no time. You’ll be able to fill your positions quickly, without delay, so work won’t be left undone, you won’t have to overwork your current staff, and you won’t have any dips in productivity.

A Staffing Firm Can Find You Better Candidates

It can be difficult to find qualified candidates, especially on short notice. The skills you need are specialized, and not just anyone can do the job. A staffing agency that specializes in these types of placements will have deep networks and great relationships with qualified candidates. Your agency will have a list of candidates to call on whenever you need help. Whether you need temporary workers or permanent employees, your niche agency will be able to send you candidates with the skills and experience that you need, so you won’t have to start your hiring process from scratch or be left to choose from a sea of unqualified workers.

We'll help you  ATTRACT, RECRUIT, HIRE AND RETAIN  FULL TIME STAFF as well as help you utilize TEMPORARY STAFF for your production needs.

A Staffing Agency Can Save You Money

Think working with a staffing firm will cost you too much to make it worth your while? Think again. You’ll actually achieve a great ROI because partnering with an agency will allow you to reduce many of your costs, such as the costs of recruiting, the reduce the costs of training, and the costs of a high turnover rate, because if replacement will be required down the road agency’s recruiters will do all of the work for you and will only send you qualified workers who can get the job done right.

Agency service is usually is based on results. You only pay if you decided to hire the candidate presented.

To underline, it is true you can still use all of the available tools you have for the positions you have no difficulty finding candidates for, but if you run across a position that presents a challenges, give your Staffing Partner a big consideration.

Would you like to discuss how we can help? if so, please contact us at any time by email: viktor@allianceemployment.ca or if you prefer to call, please call 416 892-6715





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